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Nuotex Buddy check is a wonderful software to check availablity of your friends
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Have you ever wondered or felt that you could catch up your colleague or your employee when he or she is trying to hide in yahoo messenger by being invisible, if yes, the Buddycheck is your answer. This piece of software developed by NUOTEX is wonderful as it will tell you that which of the contacts in your yahoo messenger list are online. The advantage is if the contact is invisible but online still the software would show the availability of the contact. The software is simple to use as you just need to create another id SPECIALLY FOR BUDDYCHECK so that it does not hamper your chatting experiences as a single id cannot be logged in from both the yahoo messenger and buddycheck software. After you create another id you just need to add that id in the software and just import the contacts of that id into the software. After that the software works automatically and will tell you which of the contacts are online. But if you do not create a special id then it will result a loss in the offliners sent to you by your friends.
So this software is a must have if you wish to catch hold of your friends when they try to hide from you.

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  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • No hardware or software support required


  • Too costly
  • Fails to work with large number of contacts
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